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What Will I Eat?

You'll eat a big bowl of Kitchari 3x/day! 

You'll hydrate with LYTEning Drops, deepen your detox with LuminosiTEA, + boost your body with our Keep It Movin' and T.L.C. herbal supplements.

Kitchari is an ancient, easy-to-digest recipe of rice, moong beans, + spices.

It's been used for CENTURIES to soothe digestion, heal the body, + foster detox.

Kitchari benefits include:

  • Eliminating burdensome toxins, inflammation, + waste

  • Igniting your metabolism for cleaner, stronger digestion

  • Nourishing your organs for better nutrient absorption

  • Restoring optimal digestion for noticeable wellness

Two Great Ways to Cleanse:

  • Organic moong dal

  • Organic rice

  • Organic Breakfast spices

  • Organic Lunch/Dinner spices

  • Liquid Gold (organic, grass-fed Ghee)

  • LYTEning Drops (electrolyte + mineral solution)

  • LuminosiTEA (our organic digest + detox tea)

  • T.L.C. Total Liver Care (our organic liver, blood, + kidney detox herbal supplement)

  • Keep It Movin' (our organic elimination herbal supplement)

  • Maldon Salt

What's In The Box?


because it WORKS.

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