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Nov 27 – Dec 1
  • Nov 27 – Dec 1

Nov 27 – Dec 1



Nov 27-Dec 1


REBOOT Max: The FULL REBOOT Experience

  • 15 days of support: 5 days of prep, 5 days of kitchari, 5 days of reintegration
  • Access to the course and community via our app
  • 4 Live zooms with our health expert, Mara
  • Our all-inclusive box delivered to you*
  • The Magic of a virtual community...


REBOOT Express

  • 5 days of support & kitchari
  • Access to the course and community via our app
  • 1 Live Zoom with our health expert, Mara
  • Our all-inclusive box delivered to you*
  • The Magic of a virtual community...


Your Box Includes:

  • Organic Rice

  • Organic Mung Dal

  • Organic Grass-Fed Ghee*

  • Breakfast & Lunch/Dinner Spice Packets*

  • Maldon Salt

  • LYTEning Drops* Electrolyte + Mineral Solution

  • LuminosiTEA* Organic Digestive Detox Tea

  • T.L.C. (Total Liver Care) Organic Herbal Supplement*

  • Keep it Movin’ Organic Herbal Supplement*

  • Copper Tongue Scraper

  • Loose Leaf Tea Infuser


*Our proprietary blends, not found anywhere else

    • Breakfast + Lunch/Dinner Spice packets: The Fall Kitchari spices blends (different from Spring), have holistic benefits: ridding the body of unprocessed toxins and waste; nourishing the system for improved nutrient absorption; and restoring optimal systemic functioning and noticeable wellness. 


      Herbs + Supplements: In the box, we’ve included 15 days of two Organic Ayurvedic herbal formulas to assist the liver, blood, & kidneys in cleansing and elimination.


      New Platform + App: Fall REBOOT is grounded in our new Platform with an App! It’s accessible from any device, for flexibility to engage with our content, community, & zooms wherever you go.


      Daily Digest: Via our platform and app, you’ll receive everything you need to know to successfully prepare for, complete, & transition out of REBOOT and back into “normal” life. You’ll receive access prior to the start of REBOOT to feel empowered and confident going into the program.

      Content includes: prep and cooking instructions, program format, what to expect, content calendar, individual and community expectations, self care guidelines, and FAQs.

      Post-REBOOT content includes: daily routine suggestions, eating guidelines, nutrition tips, clean food swaps, and much more.


      Live Zooms: Mara, our Ayurvedic Digestion Specialist, will host six informational zooms to guide you through REBOOT. Zooms are interactive and participation & questions are strongly encouraged. All zooms are recorded and made available on our platform.


      Gut Center Support: The Gut Center team is available throughout REBOOT by email or through our app to answer any questions that arise.


    • In Fall, the body is tasked with eliminating excess indulgences and inflammation from Summer to ready itself for the cold, dry demands of Winter. To transition most easily, Fall REBOOT emphasizes a Rejuvenation Cleanse that detoxifies, nourishes, and restores the body.  (Winter and Spring REBOOTS work differently.) This allows the body’s Digestive, Elimination, and Nervous Systems to strengthen, regulate, and balance, which translates to glowing skin, radiant energy, minimal bloating, clarity of mind, and so much more.


    20% off 2+ Reboots! NO CODE NEEDED* (Details) / Buy 4 get 5th free from our shop! Use code STUFFSTOCKINGS

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