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REBOOT Anytime
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REBOOT Anytime


REBOOT Anytime: Cleanse On Your Own Time!

  • 5 days of support & kitchari
  • Access to the course and community via our app
  • Weekly Zooms with our health expert, Mara
  • Our all-inclusive box delivered to you*
  • The Magic of a virtual community...


Your Box Includes:

  • Organic Rice

  • Organic Mung Dal

  • Organic Grass-Fed Ghee*

  • Breakfast & Lunch/Dinner Spice Packets*

  • Maldon Salt

  • LYTEning Drops* Electrolyte + Mineral Solution

  • LuminosiTEA* Organic Digestive Detox Tea

  • T.L.C. (Total Liver Care) Organic Herbal Supplement*

  • Keep it Movin’ Organic Herbal Supplement*

  • Copper Tongue Scraper

  • Loose Leaf Tea Infuser


*Our proprietary blends, not found anywhere else


Note: Your box may take a week to arrive (or choose the Fast Ship option for 2-day shipping)


    • Breakfast + Lunch/Dinner Spice packets: The Winter Kitchari spice blends rid the body of unprocessed toxins and waste; nourish the system for improved nutrient absorption; & restore optimal systemic functioning for noticeable wellness. 


      Herbs + Supplements: We included 15 days of two Organic Ayurvedic herbal formulas to assist the liver, blood, & kidneys in cleansing & elimination.


      Platform + App: The REBOOT platform is grounded in our new member app. It's  accessible from any device for flexibility to engage with our content, community, & Zooms wherever you go. You’ll receive access prior to the start of REBOOT to feel empowered and confident going into the program.


      The Daily Digest: We send you a daily memo with everything you need to know and do to successfully prepare for, complete, & transition out of REBOOT and back into “normal” life. 


      Live Zooms: Mara, our Ayurvedic Digestion Specialist, will host weekly informational zooms to guide you through REBOOT. Zooms are interactive and participation & questions are strongly encouraged. All zooms are recorded and made available on our platform.


      Gut Center Support: The Gut Center team is available throughout REBOOT by email or through our app to answer any questions that arise.



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