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Every season brings a new set of physical and mental challenges to the body. To help the body adapt and to spice things up (no pun intended!), we modify our Kitchari and LuminosiTEA recipes quarterly. No taste burnout here!

How is Winter Different?

A strong and resilient immune system is predicated on a strong digestive system.


Meaning: when your gut health is weak, your immunity is weak.


Here’s how you know: Does it feel like you’re catching every cold or sickness going around? Does post-sickness residue linger forever? Are you battling low energy, stubborn congestion, dull thinking, or weakness? These are ALL signs that your body needs to be cleaned out and REBOOTed this Winter. 

To counter the physical and mental toll Winter takes on the body, Winter REBOOT is our mildest cleanse. It focuses on detoxing and rebalancing the gut - immune axis because Winter is extra stressful for the body.


During Winter, Kitchari can include cooked vegetables at every meal. This combination along with Winter LuminosiTEA and the other REBOOT essentials fortifies the immune system and rejuvenates the body for whole-body health and radiance.


Kitchari and tea recipes change seasonally!

nourishes your WHOLE BEING so you can FUNCTION, FEEL, + LOOK your best!


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